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 Coalition Rules (EN)

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PostSubject: Coalition Rules (EN)   Tue 2 Feb - 0:42

coalition rules

1. Respect all players even ennemies, no provocation, no insult and no answer to the provocation.

2. It's mandatory to be on the TS when you play

3. Use GI (gildenident) every time

4. Do not attack ship that are not in our war list

5. If you are attack by a ship from a NAP
- Defend your self but don't capture
- No global attack on this NAP
- Send a Diplo to solve the problem
- When one of the both is sunk then let the diplo do his job

6. If a NPC is stolen by a NAP
- Send a Diplo to solve the problem

7. Register on coalition forum
- post your incident there,with copy from your loogbook, ID's and what happened
- be informed and communicate with your players

8. When you loggin, take a look on the channel news on the ts

9. English in all in the ts for a better communication

10. Read informations about aliance meeting and be present

11. If we call or need help in war channel, read informations
and if you can come and join fight,on that way we finish
faster war,and we can continoue our test,quest,bonus maps
or shooting gold and enjoy team game without much enemys

12. When a member of the coalition is asking help, as much as possible try to help

13. If nobody can help you, be patient, and keep cool

14. Don't shoot on ships without guild under map 7 without elite ships

15. Don't shoot on member without alliance when you don't shoot on NPC

16. Don't talk in war channel, only channel commander, translator and tortuga can talk

Events rules

1. Shineys and NPC are to everyone so you can't open the shoot because someone "stole" you

2. Only shoot on the war list

3. During events minimum diplo : so ask a diplo only during massive attack or chain sunk

4. It's not because the other don't respect anything we should be irrespectfull
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Coalition Rules (EN)
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